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About Huanggang Normal University

Huanggang Normal University (HGNU), founded in 1905, is a four-year undergraduate university with a wide range of disciplines, offering both teacher training programs and non-teacher training programs. With Dongpo Red Cliff lying to the north and the Yangtze River to the south, HGNU is regarded as the best institute of higher education in Huanggang, a city with a population of 7.4 million. HGNU consists of three campuses: the Southern Campus, the Northern Campus, and the Western Campus, and covers a total area of 133 hectares including 700,000 square meters of building space. Admission to HGNU is available to applicants from 27 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and autonomous regions all over the country. The university now has 20 schools, over 17,000 full-time students and 1,200 staff members. Over the past century, HGNU has developed into a multi-disciplinary institute of higher education covering nine fields of different specialties. The nine fields are Letters, Science, Engineering, Law, Economics, Administration, Pedagogy, Agriculture and Arts.

  At present, HGNU has 8 master degree specialties, 51 bachelor degree specialties and 13 three-year diploma specialties, among which Double bachelor degrees can be conferred in 19 specialties. Guided with the concept of"restriction in scale, optimization in structure, innovation in reformation, elevation in quality and characterization in school operation", HGNU has been constantly working to improve the structure of the specialties. In the past five years, 17 more specialties have been incorporated into the disciplinary system. In these systems, with social and natural sciences in the lead, specialties with their own features are interrelated with each other. Particularly, specialties such as Chinese Language and Literature, Educational Technology, and Biological Sciences are listed as the national-level distinctive specialities appointed by the Ministry of Education. Fine Arts (for teacher-training education) is listed as Specialty for Tentative Teaching Reform appointed by the Ministry of Education.

  HGNU has international exchanges with countries all over the world. It has established stable exchange and cooperation with more than 10 universities and institutes, including Ramapo College of New Jersey (America), Indiana State University (America), University of Newcastle (Australia), University of Southern Queensland (Australia), New Gary East Institute (Canada), Northumbria University (Britain), National Academy of Arts (Republic of Moldova), Chung-Ang University (Korea), Auckland Institute of Studies (New Zealand), and Asia University (Japan). Also, HGNU has successively invited more than 100 foreign experts and scholars to teach and/or lecture. Accordingly, more than 100 teachers in HGNU have been sent abroad for further education, and academic visits and lectures. Since 2007, Confucius Institute Headquarters has sent HGNU teachers abroad every year for Chinese teaching. The school began to enroll overseas students in 2002.

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