Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Huanggang Normal University & Study in hgnu

Application Requirements

General Requirements

  1. Diploma and transcripts: should be in Chinese or English. Other languages versions need to be translated into Chinese or English and should be notarized.
  2. Physical Requirement: Applicants should be healthy and of good behavior (physical examination certificate should be provided)
  3. Language Requirements: Applicants for programs with the curriculum to be taught in English or applicants for Chinese training courses are not required to submit the results of HSK, but they should be able to listen to, speak, read and write in English fluently. Applicants applying for other programs are required to submit the results of Intermediate HSK at level C or above.

Specific Requirements

  1. Students for Degree Programs: Applicants for a Bachelor’s Degree are required to have graduated from senior high school or the equivalents; applicants for a Master’s Degree are required to hold a Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalents.
  2. Students for Training Programs: Applicants are required to have graduated from junior middle school or senior high school.

Application Procedures

  The deadline of application for degree programs is April 30th each year. Applications for none-degree programs shall be submitted at least two months before the starting date of the program.

  Step one: fill in Huanggang Normal University Application Form for Foreign Students
  Step two: The Application Form, application fee and other related documents should be sent by post, fax or E-mail direct to International Exchange and Cooperation Office before the application deadline.
  Step three: Huanggang Normal University Admission Notices and Visa Application Form (JW 202 form) will be sent to students who have been admitted.
  Step four: Admitted students should take Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW 202 form) and Physical Examination Record to the local Chinese Embassy to apply for visa to China (X visa).
  Step five: Admitted students should take Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW 202 form), passports, personal registration photos (8 for each person) and physical examination forms (including the original blood laboratory test reports, X-rays and electrocardiograms) to register at Huanggang Normal University within the registration period written in the Admission Notice and get the Residence Permit within 30 days after they enter China. Otherwise, one will be deprived of the student status. Exceptions can be made for students who have informed the school of their special reasons and whose delay has been permitted.

Registration Date

  Degree Programs:September (autumn semester);
  Short-term training programs: Monthly class according to the enrollment.

Certificate Granted

  1. Degree Programs
  Students who have completed all courses according to academic curriculum and gained enough credits will be awarded a corresponding diploma or certificate in accordance with the Academic Degree Regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Those who failed to meet the academic requirements will be issued a certificate of studies provided in conformity with the relevant regulations.

  2. Short-term Programs
  Student will be issued a certificate of studies upon conclusion of all the provided courses and pass the relevant examinations. One who has failed to meet the requirements will be issued a transcript.

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